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When did you join the committee?


Why did you want to get involved with AACAL?

Adult learning provides learners with the opportunity to prepare to write the GED test and graduate from high school.

What do you think learners have to gain by enrolling with AACAL?

By enrolling in the program, learners will benefit from the expertise of educators and get the necessary tools to either continue in another discipline or go on the job market.

In your opinion, as a society, what do we have to benefit from an increased level of education of the population?

We will have learners ready for the labor market, which is in high demand. These learners will be part of improving our community.


Tell us about you!

Graduated from Polyvalente Thomas Albert in Grand Sault. I then continued my studies at the University of Moncton and at the Cégep de Rimouski. My career as a Medical Laboratory Technologist has kept me busy for 35 years. In the meantime, I actively participated in various associations as a volunteer.


Since I retired I kept doing a lot of volunteer work in our community. My passion is definitely my family and my granddaughters.

Sylvie Robichaud: L'équipe
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