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What year did you join the committee?


Why did you want to get involved with AACAL?

I find it important to have access to education to get a good paying job.

What do you think learners have to gain by enrolling with AACAL?​

Learners are exposed to experienced trainers who allow them to move forward in their life plan.

In your opinion, as a society, what do we have to benefit from an increased level of education of the population?

This will allow our region to have a stronger workforce and to conter the labor shortage that currently exists all over the our region and province.


Tell us about you!

I graduated from the École secondaire Népisiguit. I studied at the Classic College of Bathurst for 2 years until it's transformation into Community College. I then finished my Bachelor of Arts at Université de Moncton in 1976. Then my career began at NB Power, where I held various positions to finish as a work planner for the northern region of NB for the next 35 years.


I volunteer for the Scouts movement, the Jeux de l'Acadie and coach of variety of school sports. My main passion is my family and especially my grandchildren.

Sylvie Robichaud: L'équipe
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