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Board member

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When did you join the committee?


Why did you want to get involved with AACAL?

It's to give our future learners the chance to realize their dreams by having a job that they would like to do as their next career.

What do you think learners have to gain by enrolling with AACAL?

I think that our learners realize that a second chance is offered to them. That they'll to be able to truly integrate the world of workforce they've always dreamed of doing one day.

In your opinion, as a society, what do we have to benefit from an increased level of education of the population?

It may be them, our future learners, who will be our leaders in important positions. The new professions which are being renewed day by day are high in demand and they have a true shot at it with a complete basic education.


Tell us about you!

I taught for 32 years at the intermediate level i.e. 6th, 7th and 8th grade. During my career, I taught ten years in special education, with young people in academic difficulty. I was also a French and Science teacher during my career. As a student, I studied at the University of Moncton. I received my teaching certificate at the same institution.


My favorite hobbies are reading, walking, gardening, and board games. Since my retirement my wife and I have had the chance to make several trips. Let's say the pandemic put us on the brakes on something we loved a lot.

Sylvie Robichaud: L'équipe
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