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Board member


When did you join the committee?​


Why did you want to get involved with AACAL?

I am convinced that education gives freedom, so by helping these people achieve their goals, I participate in that freedom.

What do you think learners have to gain by enrolling with AACAL?​

Self-confidence, freedom, autonomy.

In your opinion, as a society, what do we have to benefit from an increased level of education of the population?

Everything to gain, nothing to lose! A strong, proud, productive society that increases it's chances of employability, becomes more competitive and attractive. A safer and wealthiest futur.

Tell us about you!

I am from Robertville,  and graduated from ESN. I then went to the University of Moncton and the University of Montreal for my Bac. in education. After that I studied at the University of New Brunswick for a Masters in Guidance and Counseling. I have worked more than 30 years in education.


I have been retired since 2012. I love reading, cooking, decorating and kayaking. My real passion: Travel. I volunteer with a few organizations, for example: Nursing Homes for the Elderly, the Nurses Association of NB and the Adult Learning Chaleur Adult learning (AACAL).

Sylvie Robichaud: L'équipe
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